Offer | Turbines

We offer design and construction services with the use of renewable resources, i.a.:

  • CHP systems powered by thermal energy, e.g. process steam, natural gas pressure regulating stations. Turbine power generators offered by us use the energy of steam or gas throttled in the reducing unit,
  • modernization of traditional coal-fired boiler plants into biomass-fired boiler plants,
  • implementation of projects using such sources of energy as solar energy, heat pumps.



We are the representative of a manufacturer of low-power turbines, whose products we have successfully introduced into the Polish market. Turbines are devices converting steam energy into electrical energy. They are used in all industry sectors, effectively replacing steam reduction valves used so far. The turbines are connected – importantly – in parallel to the reducing unit with which they cooperate. The regulation is set-up in such a way that the turbine is used in the first place. The previously installed reduction valve operates only after the device reaches its full capacity.



Turbines are based on state-of-the-art computer technology, which results in supreme efficiency and long-term functioning (operating life: minimum 25 years). They are particularly useful for manufacturing processes in paper, chemical, steel, textile and glass industries or in breweries, dairies, animal waste processing plants, wastewater treatment plants, laundries etc., where wood and waste burning takes place.


The most important advantages of expansion turbines include simple construction, low installation costs and quick return on investment, higher reducing balance in the accounts, and compact design. Furthermore, they are easy-to-use, of minimum maintenance requirements. They can be modified for other steam parameters. Installation is very simple.


Delivery and service
Expansion turbines are delivered Ex Works or as a complete delivery, as “turnkey” products (machinery, electronics and construction design, installation of connections, putting the device into operation, staff training).


We provide warranty and post-warranty technical service for all types of expansion turbines offered by us. Service works are performed by qualified, top-class professionals with many years of experience.