About us

EUREN Sp. z o.o. has been delivering biomass for energy production industry since 2004. We supply biomass retrieved from timber industry plants in the form of sawdust and wood particles from the process of residual timber shredding. We also produce and deliver biomass in the form of pellet and briquette. At the same time, we produce and deliver biomass of agricultural origin in the form of straw briquette, rapeseed cake, sunflower husk and others.

We have our own containers for biomass storage and transportation, and also specialist means of transport – the so-called hooklifts. We have a well-developed network of raw material suppliers with whom we’ve been cooperating for years. Our Company is active in Southern and Central Poland. Become our partner!.


Trading in scrap and non-ferrous metals is a separate field of our activity.

Simultaneously, we trade in Z1 zinc, A7 and A8 aluminium and its alloys, and also lead and copper ingots and pig sows.



Independently from the abovementioned activity, we also offer design and construction services with the use of renewable resources, i.a.:

  • CHP systems powered by thermal energy, e.g. process steam. We offer delivery of turbine power generators using the energy of steam throttled in reducing units.